NEWS: InshaAllah 5th Annual Youth Iftaar Will Be Held On 5th Of July,2015.

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Al Saif Youth

Al Saif Youth is a non-profit organization that helps our younger generation come together and work on some of the most prestigious Islamic events in Houston. Founded by Shabu (Zeenat) Boghani in 2010, Al Saif Youth has grown to be one of the strongest youth organizations in Texas with hundreds of volunteers and participants always ready to take on another challenge.

Our organization consists of volunteers and participants within the ages of 6-25 that are extremely hardworking and always ready to put in their time and effort into organizing events, live shows, writing articles and etc. Over the years, the members of Al Saif Youth have successfully published 3 exclusive Islamic magazines, 5th Annual Young Girl’s Milad, and 4th Annual Youth Iftaar along with participating in youth rallies, performing on TV One and much more. After already organizing our 5th Annual Young Girl’s Milad for the year of 2015, Al Saif Youth will be holding a 5th Annual Youth Iftaar this Ramadan along with releasing another magazine and having our own live Islamic show on the radio.

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